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Unit Team Leader
The Unit Team Leader will work under the direction of the designated Region Representative.  Primary Team Leader responsibilities are:
  • Identify Team Members to assist with Unit outreach and activities. 
  • Assign Team Members activities and provide ongoing assistance and oversight. 

  • Regularly communicate and coordinate with Region Representative about all unit activities and provide ongoing feedback from members 

  • Work with the team to Identify acceptable area venues to hold unit meetings and CE Events. 

  • Coordinate quarterly unit member meetings. 

  • Assist Region Representative in coordinating quarterly CE Events. 

  • Coordinate contacting each new member in the Unit. 

  • Coordinate contacting each member who does not renew. 

  • Assist Region Representative in identifying member volunteers and potential leaders. 

  • Assist Region Representative in identifying members to receive Chapter and National awards and recognition. 

  • Provide Information via newsletter articles highlighting Unit members, their contributions and community activities. 

  • Non- Voting participation in Quarterly BOD Meetings with activity reports. 

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