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NASW Georgia Chapter Board of Directors

The NASW-GA Board of Directors is comprised of 12 Board members who are appointed from the Chapter membership. All Board members serve 3-year terms except for student representatives and a president-elect who hold (1) one-year terms. Board terms follow the Chapter fiscal year, which begins July 1 and ends June 30th each year. The Board of Directors holds 5 meetings during the year, including an annual Board Orientation. All Board meetings, except for executive sessions, are open to the membership. Board members are fundamentally responsible for carrying out the Association’s mission and what it strives to accomplish at the state/local levels, discuss association policy and programming, and set chapter policies concerning social work practice issues.


NASW-GA is  comprised  of  4  Regions  (North,  South,  East,  and West Regions).

Each Region is Represented on the Board of Directors by a Region Representative and a Member-at-Large Representative.  The board members are shown below:

NASWGA Chapter Board of Directors 2023-2026

Betty Watts, LMSW, President
Jan Yates, LCSW, Vice-President
Will Ard, LMSW, MBA, Secretary
Endsley Real, LCSW, North Region Representative
Jennifer Talley, LCSW, North Region Member-At-Large
Marcyline Bailey, LCSW, South Region Representative
Stephanie Cruwys, LCSW, South Region Member-At-Large
Gloria Cissé, DSW, LPC, East Region Representative
Angela Solomon, LCSW, East Region Member-At-Large
Heather Schulze, MSW Student Representative

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