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NASW-GA Continuing Education (CE) Application Approval Program

                  CE Application Program Closed

The CE Application Approval Program is in abeyance at this time as NASWGA staff works to streamline the application process and update application FAQ's.  The NASWGA Chapter's leadership will determine the time the program will re-open, possibly at the end of the year.

The NASW-GA CE Application and FAQs are updated.  Please read carefully both documents before completing and submitting an application.  A few notable changes are:

  • A copy of the CE Application is to be sent electronically to and one (1) hard copy mailed to NASW-GA Chapter.
  • Posting of approved applications on NASW-GA Chapter website.
  • Explanation of Synchronous and Asynchronous CE Programs.
  • The fee to change a Workshop Program Date.    ​
Click on the icon(s) below for the pdf versions of the updated FAQs and CE Application:
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