Make sure you are registered to vote (click on links):
  1. Know your state’s Voter ID Laws - click here

  2. GA’s My Voter Page | Check your voting status, Polling Place, Early Voting Locations - click here

  3. Confirm your polling place.  Click here  for information and resources.  

 On Election Day:
1.  Vote
2.  Volunteer
3.  Be an election observer.  Click here for more information.
4.  Drive people to the polls.  Click here.
5.  Report incidents of irregularities.  Click here.
6.  Find out where your state stands on voting rights.  Click here.
Know Groups Working for Voter Rights.  Here are a few:
1.  All Voting is Local.  The All Voting is Local campaign  fights  to protect
     and  expand  the  right   to  vote for every American. 
2.  Carpool Vote - Carpool  Vote  is  a platform that introduces volunteer
     drivers to people who  need a ride to vote or to get registered.
3.  Election Protection Coalition 
    The national,  nonpartisan  Election Protection  coalition  works    year-
     round  to  ensure   that   all   voters have  an equal opportunity to vote
     and have that vote count.  Election Protection  uses   a  wide  range  of
     tools   and   activities   to   protect, advance,  and  defend   the right
     to vote.  
4. Fair Fight - Fair  Fight  is  building   voter  protection  teams  in  20  key
    states across the country  to protect the right to vote. 
5.  Reclaim Our Vote  -  Reclaim  Our Vote is a non-partisan phone bank,
    post   carding    and   text-banking campaign  created  by  the  Center
    for  Common  Ground.  It  focuses on  contacting  voters  of  color  in
    voter-suppression   states  to  help them register and vote.  
6.  Rock the Vote  Rock  the  Vote  is a nonpartisan, nonprofit dedicated
    to   building   the   political   power of   young    people  through   pop
   culture,  music, art, and technology.  
7.  Vote Riders - Vote  Riders   has  free voter  ID  resources  and  services forvoters who need to obtain ID or who need  information  about  what  ID is needed to vote in the United States.             
(Brave New Films (BNF) is a new media company based in Culver City, California.  Founded by filmmaker Robert Greenwald, BNF produces feature-length documentaries and investigative videos that according to Greenwald's website, seek "to educate, influence and empower viewers to take action around issues that matter.")

Brave New Films is working hard to continue the fight for social justice. More than ever, facts matter. But social distancing will NOT stop social justice.

That’s why we they will be sharing a weekly feature film and an action that you can take part in from home. NASWGA will share some of those films that are relevant to voting/ Voter Suppression with our membership. 

The first weekly film is Suppressed: The Fight To Vote. Voter suppression continues to threaten our democracy. But now with COVID-19, many voters will be fearful, sick or unwilling to go out to the polls to vote. As some states across the country took steps this week to make voting easier in light of the coronavirus, the Republican-controlled legislature in Kentucky quietly tightened and approved a new photo ID requirement that would make it harder to vote. We must make it EASIER for all citizens to vote by demanding Universal Vote By Mail and Early Voting for the November election. Sign the petition here. 


After you sign, watch Suppressed: The Fight To Vote and please register for your absentee ballot here.

Suppressed:  The Fight to Vote