2018 NASWGA State Conference
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2018 Annual Conference Call for Presentations
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Call for Presentations

2018 NASWGA Annual State Conference

“Social Workers – 30 yrs. as Leaders, Advocates, and Champions”


Thursday - October 18, 2018 to Sunday - October 21, 2018           

Hilton Atlanta Marietta & Conference Center, 500 Powder Springs Street, Marietta, GA 30064-3523

NASWGA Chapter is interested in receiving compelling proposals on relevant and/or emerging issues. Proposals are for 1.5-hour sessions but 3.0-hour sessions are welcomed. The 3.0-hour sessions will be presented in two 90-minute blocks with a 30-minute break. Submission of a Call for Presentation does not mean it will automatically be accepted. The proposal will be reviewed and the presenter will receive notification of whether or not it has been accepted.

Important Notes, PLEASE READ

Please use brevity in the submission of your proposal.

Presenters will need to provide a sufficient number of handouts. Given the size of this conference, presenters should be prepared for an audience of 25-50 attendees per break out session and 200-300 attendees for full sessions. Full sessions are normally reserved for Keynote and Plenary Speakers.

Presentations should be targeted toward social work practitioners and students, as well as other allied health and mental health practitioners.

ΠIf you would like your proposal to be considered for other NASWGA Chapter Professional Development Activities, please check the box provided.


Check all that apply

Topic Ideas:

ΠAddictions Prevention/Treatment


ΠAdolescent Violence


ΠCase Management

ΠChild Welfare

ΠClinical Mental Health Practice

ΠCommunity Organization

ΠConflict Resolution/Mediation

ΠCo-occurring Disorders

ΠCorrections/Forensic/Juvenile Justice

ΠCultural Diversity


ΠDevelopment Disabilities


ΠEAP/Occupational Social Work

ΠEnd of Life Care

ΠGay/Lesbian Issues

ΠGrief and Loss Issues

ΠGroup Work Issues

ΠHealth/Hospital/Long-term Care



ΠLegal/Ethical Issues

ΠMarriage and Family Therapy


Œ Men’s Issues


ΠPolitical Development


ΠResidential Treatment

ΠRural Social Work

ΠSchool Social Work

ΠSelf-Care & Wellness

ΠSocial Work Advocacy

ΠSocial Work Education


ΠTechnology in Practice

ΠVeterans Issues

ΠViolence in the Workplace

Œ Women’s Issues

ΠOther: ________________________

Presentation Proposal Forms can be downloaded with the link below:


Submission deadline is Friday, June 15, 2018 at 5 p.m. Please send to:

NASWGA Chapter

By mail: NASW Georgia Chapter · 2300 Henderson Mill Rd., Suite 125 · Atlanta, GA 30345


E-mail: 2018naswgaconference@gmail.com 

NASWGA 30th Annual State Conference Presentation Proposal Form

If the presentation has more than one presenter; identify the lead. All correspondence for your presentation (if selected) will be sent to the lead presenter. It is the lead presenter’s responsibility to disseminate all necessary material or information to the other presenters in the group.

Presentation Title

We suggest 10 words or less.


Level of Practice the session is geared towards




ΠAll practice levels





ΠGeneral Interest

*Presenter (s)/ Fill Out Completely & Attach a Resume for Each Presenter


Lead (if applicable)

ΠYes ΠNo


Job Title

Academic Degree(s)


Credentials (if applicable)

Mailing Address




Work Phone

Home Phone

Cell Phone


Co-Presenter’s Name

(if applicable)


Job Title

Academic Degree(s)

Credentials (if applicable)

Mailing Address




Work Phone

Home Phone

Cell Phone


Co-Presenter’s Name (if applicable)


Job Title

Academic Degree(s)


Credentials (if applicable)

Mailing Address




Work Number

Home Number

Cell Phone



Set Up and Equipment

Length of Presentation


Π1.5 Hours

Π3.0 Hours (Will be divided into two 1.5 hr. sessions with 30-minute break between sessions)


Date /Time of Presentation - NASW Georgia Chapter will schedule your presentation over the course of the Conference. The majority of breakout sessions are scheduled on Friday and Saturday; however, you may note a preference, and we will attempt to accommodate you. Inflexibility in scheduling may result in rejection of your proposal.

ΠI can present any time Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (Sunday is strictly limited to Ethics Presentations).

ΠI have restrictions. My preference is:


*Room Setup - Rooms will be set classroom style or in crescent style (round tables with 4-6 chairs so that all face speaker).

Audio Visual Equipment (check/highlight all that apply)

Please note that electronic equipment is limited in supply and available on a first-come first-serve basis. If you plan a power point presentation, you should also be prepared to provide your own projector and lap top. Due to the high cost, the Chapter will only rent a limited number of projectors from the hotel. If you would like to request a projector or Internet access for any portion of your presentation, it will be at the speaker’s expense.

Œ Will bring own AV’s

Œ Will bring own laptop (Mac’s not compatible with NASWGA equipment)

ΠLCD Projector

ΠDVD Player

ΠFlip Chart

ΠExtra table for materials

ΠVCR for VHS tape

ΠPodium only

ΠPodium w/microphone (if warranted by room size)

ΠSpeaker requests the Hilton Hotel AV Rental Package and will pay the rental fee.

Please Describe Method of Presentation (maximum 3,000 characters)

Method should include the following: Issue focus, Program description, Target population (students, practitioners, policy makers etc.), Social work practice intervention, research or policy change, results, conclusion and implications for practice, policy, professional development, education or research







Synopsis should include objectives of session and will be used to describe the session in the conference program (maximum 750 characters)











Biography (Brief Biography for each Presenter - for use in Conference Brochure)


All of the following materials must be submitted by Friday, June 15, 2018 in order to be considered:

· A completed and typed proposal form. Hand written or incomplete forms will not be considered.

· Resume, curriculum vitae or biographical background statement for all presenters.

· Include information on previous presentations, if applicable, and names/addresses of references who are familiar with your previous presentations.

Mailing or faxing submission is preferable; however, electronic submissions will be accepted. Please send your proposal, resume, and any supporting documentation (mail to & fax address listed on page 1). Please submit electronic submissions by e-mail to 2018naswgaconference@gmail.com In subject box write “Conference Presentation Proposal”


I/we understand that NASW – Georgia Chapter is not in the position to pay an honorarium to presenters or to pay for travel, lodging or other expenses associated with the conference, but presenters are offered a discount rate of ($165.00) to attend the full conference. Additionally, presenters will receive continuing education certificates. Occasionally, reimbursement for mileage and hotel accommodations may be negotiable. Chapter Executive Director must be contacted for such negotiations. If this proposal is accepted, I/we agree to be in attendance for the presentation on the date and time assigned and to provide a sufficient number of copies of any handouts I/we need for our presentation. Video-taping or audio recording of the presentation at the conference must be authorized by NASW- Georgia Chapter 30 days prior to the event.

Presenter’s Signature (must be signed by lead presenter, if applicable, for a valid proposal)







For Official Use Only
Reviewed by ______________________________________________________________


Recommended by_________________________________________________________________________________

Requested by ______________________________________Considerations ________________________________


Other __________________________________________________________________________________________

Accepted ΠYes ΠNo Date

Reason(s) for not accepting at this time


Thank you for submitting your proposal for the 2018 NASWGA Annual Conference as this is a valuable professional development experience in Georgia whereby you will have an opportunity to network and share your knowledge, innovative solutions and strategies with social workers and allied professionals!