Employment Opportunities

 The Georgia Chapter publishes job listings for its members and other social workers around the state of Georgia.  We do not take or give out application materials, nor do we act as an employment intermediary.  The accuracy or validity of the job description provided by agencies or qualifications submitted by applicants is the sole responsibility of those parties.

Publication of an advertisement does not constitute endorsement or approval of any product or service advertised, or any point of view, standard, or opinion presented therein. NASW-GA is not responsible for any claims made in an advertisement appearing in its publications or on its web site.


Advertising Employment Opportunities

Web-based professional social work employment ads are free of charge.  The preferred format

for submitting ads is position title, name of employer, position description, position


requirements, contact information, and closing date.  Ads will automatically be posted for three (3) weeks if


a closing date is not listed. Contact admin.naswga@socialworkers.org to post an employment ad.



Whether you are a recent graduate seeking your first paid position or a veteran social worker desiring to make a change, NASW offers resources to assist you.  Visit the Social Work Career Center for tips on resume writing, marketing yourself, and a national job bank.