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Submission Deadline: Closed
The NASW-Georgia 2021 Annual State Conference
September 24-26, 2021
THEME - Social Workers: Essential and Prepared
The NASW Georgia Chapters issues a call for Presentations from Faculty currently instructing in CSWE Accredited Schools of Social Work or Social Workers actively practicing in varied disciplinary areas of social work; to facilitate Workshop Sessions at the upcoming NASW Georgia Annual State Virtual Conference. Submissions will be evaluated for relevance and significance to the overall theme and specified focal areas of this year’s conference and those selected will be scheduled as part of the Official Agenda of Continuing Education alternatives for attendees of the conference.

Interested parties are asked to limit proposals to a one (1) page 500 word or less abstract + Cover Pages as provided on page two. The Abstract should briefly summarize the topic, highlighted content and learning objectives for the proposed presentation. Submissions if mailed must be postmarked by Friday, July 29, 2021 and received in the NASW-GA-Chapter Office no later than Friday, August 5, 2021.


o  Social Work Profession and Technology
o Ethics in Social Work (Advocacy, Supervision, Tele-Mental Health, Private              Independent Practice
o Social Justice Policy Issues (i.e.: Immigration, Voting Rights,
   Housing/Homelessness, Recidivism, 2020 Census, Human, Juvenile Justice,
   Trafficking, etc.)

o Child Welfare (Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Foster Care, Adoption etc.)
o Diverse / Specialty Populations (LGBTQ, Aged, Immigrant, Impoverished,
   Addictions, Veterans, Cultural Diversity, etc.)

o Clinical Interventions (PTSD, Suicide, Tele Mental Health, HIVAIDS, Forensics, 
   Diagnosis, Treatment Modalities, etc.)

o Other Areas (Administrative Management, Community Organizing, School Social     Work, EAP/Occupational Social Work, etc.)
  • Submissions require a listing of ALL Presenter(s) Names and Credentials.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae for ALL Presenters o Interested parties agree presentation durations during workshops will be limited to 1.5 hrs. or 3 hrs. 

       (The 3 hr.  presentation option is reserved for Saturday, September 25, 2021                 and presented in two 90-minute blocks with a 30 minute break)

  • Interested parties understand projector / screen will be provided by venue; however personal laptops and any peripheral needs are the sole responsibility of the Presenter(s).

  • Presenters will need to provide a sufficient number of handouts. Given the size of this conference, presenters should be prepared for an audience of 25-50 attendees per break out session and 200-300 attendees for full sessions. Full sessions are normally reserved for Keynote and Plenary Speakers.     



  • Submissions voted by the Conference Program Selection Work Group to best convey the Conference Theme, Focus Area, and Evidence Based Research will be selected to present for the 2021 Conference.

The Call for Faculty|Practitioner Presentations Application is below.  The Application is in two different formats, Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and Word (.docx).  Click on either one of the icons to complete the Application.
image001 (1).jpg
woman drawing.webp
2021 NASW-GA 34th Annual  Virtual State Conference
September 24-26, 2021 
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